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Clouds and Debian-Med

Dear Charles,

I very much appreciate your effort towards a Debian-Med cloud. A major
pity to my perception is that I cannot just jump in and share your nodes.
This social computing would be the direct extension of our social
packaging. I mean, I could, if you granted me access, but then we
would soon wonder about who would have to pay just how much.

What came to my mind is the szenario in that we use "common" grid
technologies to access that Amazon (or another) cloud and hereby share the
cloned instances. Please be aware that there is an Open Source
reimplementation of the Amazon services at http://eucalyptus.cs.ucsb.edu/,
so we could even bring our and other's infrastructure under a single
hood. The infrastructure to do such an grid infrastructure on grids
with some billing on top is currently emerging, so until that is prepared,
everyone needs to continue with one's own cloned instances. But it
would be lovely if we could formulate something to work towards.

Dreaming along, we'd form some abstract unit (a society of some sort that
is allowed to have some money by itself) and offer a series of cloned
machines to a couple of users. When that society needs more computers, then
it dynamically adds nodes to such a virtual clusters. When jobs have
finished, the nodes disappear again. One could have a very few machines
always online to reduce latency, though.

Are there others on this list backing such an approach up?



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