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Staden on Ubuntu

Hello all

This is my first posting to this list, so please forgive any breach of etiquette I may make.

I've debianised staden 1.7.0 and placed it here. Unfortunately, I'm still working on a few things:
1. Generating the correct diff from the upstream package.
2. Fixing AMD64 breakages.
3. Generating a seperate staden-doc package.
4. Generating a .profile just for ubuntu so that the default .profile
    is not needed.

It is, I hope, usable but I'm not a molecular biologist so I'm not even sure that it works correctly just yet. I've used only those packages it came with because I was not certain that it would work with the system-installed packages. I hope, after it is verified that the staden on launchpad ppa works, that I can do away with the building of io-lib and instead use the provisional io-lib from debian-med.

Lastly, is there a test suite I can run against staden so that automated testing can take place? It would be great if I could simply rebuild, run the tests and diff the output of the tests with the previous build.

Kind Regards

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