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GDCM 2.0.9 is out !

This is mostly a bug fix release, anyone doing RLE compression / J2K
compression is suggested to upgrade to this version as it fixes quite
a few issues.

Enjoy !


 GDCM 2.0.9 (2008/09/26)

    * ENH: JPEG-LS: Decoder/Encoder (See GDCM_USE_JPEGLS). WARNING:
this is not production ready and thus did not make it into this
release, use dev branch instead.
    * BUG: vtkLookupTable16 would not support 16bits LUT
    * NEW: PVRG codec to support broken JPEG files (See GDCM_USE_PVRG)
    * NEW: Add support for GEMS_Ultrasound_ImageGroup_001
(6003,xx10)/(6003,xx11) SmallPreview (loaded as Icon)
    * FIX: Fix PlanarConfiguration=1 and multiframes images (RLE)
    * FIX: Fix PlanarConfiguration=1 and JPEG compression
    * FIX: Writing 16bits lut would lead to seg fault.
    * FIX: Could not read single slice (2D) RLE frames split into
multiple fragments
    * NEW: new executable gdcmtar to split multiframe into single
frames DICOM files.
    * NEW: new options in gdcmconv: --split / --planar-configuration /
--apply-lut / --ignore-errors
    * NEW: new option in gdcmdump: --ignore-errors
    * ENH: gdcmimg support much more input files (rle, pgm, jpeg, j2k)
    * FIX: Seg fault when Part3.xml would not be found / Improve
gdcm::Global API
    * ENH: improve API for FilenameGenerator/System
    * BUG: Fix bug in SmartPointer implementation
    * ENH: Can now pack/unpack 12bits data
    * ENH: Add support for SIEMENS CSA dict (now loaded by default) +
Improve API
    * ENH: a couple more private attributes
    * ENH: Properly print VR::DS as ASCII now (would be truncated to
6digits previously)
    * ENH: Fix name to 'Grassroots' (consistent)
    * ENH: Tons of doxygen fix + python documentation working now.
    * FIX: mutliframes J2K completely fixed now
    * FIX: do not perform color space conversion when conversion
should be lossless


    * http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=137895&package_id=197047&release_id=628923


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