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Fwd: MIR CTN software

Here is a post from this morning on dicom newsgroup :)

I guess after all ctn is still active !

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From: Steve Moore <moo...@mir.wustl.edu>
Date: Jul 30, 12:27 am
Subject: MIR CTN software
To: comp.protocols.dicom

From time to time, I get requests for updates for the MIR CTN DICOM
software. These have been buried inside our IHE MESA software, but
that is not terribly convenient if all you want is the CTN software.

I have placed the CTN software on Source Forge and will keep it as a
separate project from the MESA tools. On Source Forge, the project
name is mirctn.

I completed a release just now, but still need to work on the
documentation/release notes. There are lots of dictionary and other
small fixes that went in as a result of IHE tests. The dictionary is
still behind the current DICOM standard.

Placing this on Source Forge will make it easier if you have bug fixes
to merge in.


Steve Moore

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