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Re: Roadmap to Lenny.

On Thu, 24 Jul 2008, Charles Plessy wrote:

In my understanding, packages uploaded now will not be part of Lenny as
when it freezes they will still be in Sid. Of course, if the upload
fixes things relevant to the release, I guess that we can negociate with
a good debdiff on debian-release@l.d.o?

I understood


the way that we have time until the actual freeze date (next weekend).
Please correct me if I understood this wrong.

It was unfortunately so well hidden in Bill's announcement that even the
i18n team was not aware of it, but there was a call for translating the
.menu entries via a .po file:


Uhmm, I have the feeling that any message about menu is perfectly hidden.
Just had an issue with he mysterious menu format 2 last year ...

- Write a summary of the novelties of Debian Med 1.0.


- Finish the transition to Alioth for the bigest tasks pages.

This was also my plan - but not able to realise until now.  Just
go for it - it is very welcome!

- Write a summary of the multiple alignments programs in Debian because
  I think that we have now a nice collection that desserves being


Nope, but please support those who want Debconf in Japan some day ;)


Kind regards



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