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Re: GDCM2 : An Open Source DICOM library

On Sun, 2 Mar 2008, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:

Actually I can see some slight typos on this page, for instance, ctn,
dcmtk and ctsim do not have the 'homepage' link properly set.

Yes.  This are side effects of the current transition to the auto
generated page.

Is this page regenerated automatically?

Yes.  The pages are generated from the Debian control tags.  Historically
the Homepage of a package was just mentioned in the long description of
a package but since about one year it is listed as explicite tag in the
Debian control information.  The script that pareses the control information
either finds such a tag properly set or it does not and then a "Homepage
not available" will be set.

If you see this string in such a description you realise that the package
was either not touched for a long time or the maintainer forgit to set the
Homepage tag properly.  So while it would be cheap to parse the long description
for a potential homepage string and place it in the correct position I
decided not to work around this problem but ask the according maintainer
to update the package.  This is a quality assurance measure to ensure that
all our packages are in good shape.

Since we have these auto generated pages about half of these issues
were solved and others are in the process of beeing solved which lets
me think that my decision to not work around this problem was right.
(I'm guilty for some of these cases in the biology section myself and
so I force myself to touch long standing packages again. ;-))

Who can participate ?

Well, there are different levels of participation.  The easiest way
is to file a wishlist bug report against the package you discovered
as affected by this.  For instance I did so for ctn.  You can read about
it at


The positive side effect of this effort is that touching packages that
were not touched over a long time reveals some issues that needs atention
as the discussion on this page shows.

Before you file such a bug report please verify that somebody else has
not done it yet.

The advanced way of fixing the problem is to become a member of the
Debian-Med packaging team and fix the package yourself in SVN.
repository.  But I do not think that this is neede because I estimate
a transitional phase of about two to four weeks until we might have
solved the problem.

Kind regards and thanks for your interest



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