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Re: Proposal :)

On Sun, 30 Sep 2007, David Paleino wrote:

It's the server once named irc.debian.org: most debian channels are there ;)

Ahhh, please excuse my ignorance.

(thus I'm cutting the rest of the reply ;) )

Well, done. :)

I think that a Wiki is kinda "limited". If we do something on that alioth space
(possibly in PHP), we could, for example, show the group's activity, add forms
to let people join in, write some news, ... . You can't do this in a Wiki.

Well, I would love to have other interactive tools and I even have some
ideas how to do this.  One ide is to have the web pages on


well, at least the links to the subsections that lists our work we just have
done, auto generated from the meta packages and the depnedant package files.
Another idea is to get some status about the packages that are drawn in by
the meta packages shown on a web page - I'll try to work something out
in Extremadura.

P.S.: why is my message marked as spam? (ok, I don't know german, but the word
"spam" seems to be international ;) ) -- I'm posting via gmane.org usenet

Don't know?  AT my side it was not marked as SPAM.

Kind regards and thanks again for your ideas



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