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Re: New upload for proda

Le Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 04:38:11PM +0200, David Paleino a écrit :
> Thirdly, I've removed all those dependencies for building the manpage. There's
> no point, for me, in building the same manpage (it's an arch-independent file)
> over multiple architectures: it's just a waste of buildds time. So I made the
> manpage "static" (added debian/proda.1) and removed the relevant bits of its
> generation.

Hi David,

many thanks for the care you give to the packages. For the manpage, I
agree that refreshing it at each build of the package is not necessary,
especially that the results may not be identical (timestamps...).
However, I just saw that you removed the xml manpage from the SVN, and I
would recommend to restore it. Of course, the nroff manpage can be
directly updated, but the xml source may be more flexible.

> P.S.: I've applied to NM :)

This is good news! I have a rather good experience with the NM process,
and I have learned a lot from it. All the best for you application!

Have a nice day,


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