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New upload for proda

Hi all,
I believe proda is ready for a new upload. There have been a number of minor
changes, but they might deserve an upload.

First of all, Charles already moved the Homepage: pseudo-field in the header,
making it a field (as discussed on debian-devel).

Secondly, I've just noticed that proda compiled with debug flags. This made
proda a ~600K application, while with debug flags turned off, it is around
180K. I believe it's a good improvement ;)

Thirdly, I've removed all those dependencies for building the manpage. There's
no point, for me, in building the same manpage (it's an arch-independent file)
over multiple architectures: it's just a waste of buildds time. So I made the
manpage "static" (added debian/proda.1) and removed the relevant bits of its

Again, it's not an urgent upload :), we could even wait for something more
important, but I believe it won't happen, since it's a really easy and simple
software (you know -- big softwares always carry big bugs ;) )

Have a nice day,

P.S.: I've applied to NM :)

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