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Re: New upload for proda


On 9/29/07, David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com> wrote:
> Secondly, I've just noticed that proda compiled with debug flags. This made
> proda a ~600K application, while with debug flags turned off, it is around
> 180K. I believe it's a good improvement ;)

Actually you need to build with debug symbols enabled (-g with gcc and g++).

There won't be any difference on the final binary package if you use
-g, since dh_strip will remove the debug symbols.

Compiling with debug symbols is good, since we can use
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip and create a package for debug purposes
(when dh_strip finds "nostrip", it won't remove the debug symbols).

So it's unnecessary to remove the -g flag from the Makefile.

Also, you are hardcoding the CXXFLAGS in your patch, that is also not
good (for example, the noopt option won't work; your package will
always be compiled with -O2, instead -O0).

The best thing to do is to use
on line 26 of your debian/rules, and include all the needed flags on
the beginning, where you define CFLAGS (it should be CXXFLAGS).

And "dch -r" is your friend and it will updated the UNRELEASED entry
in changelog to unstable ;-)

Best regards,

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