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Re: Flooding SVN with upstream code

Hi Andreas,

On Friday 21 September 2007 22:18:47 Andreas Tille wrote:
> My suggestion would be to just hold the real packaging stuff inside SVN and
> keep upstream code outside (on maintainers harddisk or wherever).  We
> should enforce using dpatch or simplepatch (from cdbs) to enable clean
> upstream sources and just having all patches inside the debian directory. 
> Moreover the debian/rules file should contain a get-orig-source target as
> it is suggested in Developers Reference.  This would enable potential
> packagers to easily obtain the missing stuff to build the package.

this is very reasonable. Please check out a description at our wiki page  
wiki.debian.org/Debian-Med  on how to work with svn-buildpackage. What is 
missing is a little howto on how to use quilt with svn-buildpackage together.



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