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Flooding SVN with upstream code


I just wanted to start uploading my packaging stuff to Debian-Med SVN starting
with the new version of GNUmed.  When checking out the current SVN I realized
that there is a plenty of upstream code in Debian-Med SVN which just fills
up my harddisk with stuff that can be downloaded from somewhere else - if needed
at all.  I have to admit that until now I never dealt with packaging stuff in
SVN and things like svn-buildpackage are just known by name but I have no
idea how this works at all.  So perhaps my proposal is not very reasonable
regarding the nice technical stuff that can be used with the current setup.

My suggestion would be to just hold the real packaging stuff inside SVN and
keep upstream code outside (on maintainers harddisk or wherever).  We should
enforce using dpatch or simplepatch (from cdbs) to enable clean upstream sources
and just having all patches inside the debian directory.  Moreover the
debian/rules file should contain a get-orig-source target as it is suggested
in Developers Reference.  This would enable potential packagers to easily
obtain the missing stuff to build the package.

Kind regards



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