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Re: [Help] Please try to compile volpack with pdebuild

On Fri, 3 Aug 2007, Daniel Leidert wrote:

Ah ok, may I give you some hints about your files?

I'm keen on any hint (even keener on patches ;-)).

(1) configure.in

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(volpack, 1.0b3)
This macro usage is obsolete. This macro should be used to set the
warning level and other automake-related options (like e.g. the
necessary automake version and similar). However the latter can also be
set with AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS in Makefile.am.

So you would propose to just "dnl"/remove this line?

This is deprecated. You better use:
AC_CONFIG_FILES([... all the files ...])

Changed (at local disk).

(2) Makefile.am

Are you sure, you want to redefine all-recursive? Local targets are
available with the -local suffix. So the target should probably be
`all-local:'. But why do you need this target? You simply need to set

lib_LTLIBRARIES = libvolpack.la

Well, this is probably a hack.  The problem is: Before I added this
line the first subdirectory that was entered was examples and thus
the build failed because the library the examples are linked to was
not yet builded.  The line

   all-recursive: libvolpack.la

_just_ _worked_ to build the library first and everything else afterward.
I really don't know whether this is the most clever way to determine the
sequence of the build process.  If you know a better way how to build
the lirary first and the subdirectories later - I'm open for suggestions
(patches ;-)).

which you already do at the beginning. BTW: What is the SUPPORT variable
used for?

This is a blind copy from original Makefile.in.  I did not verified
every single variable from the Makefile.in that was provided by upstream.
Probably this line can be removed.

(3) examples/Makefile.am

Should test.csh be run befoore making a distribution? Then you should
play with TESTS and TESTS_ENVIRONMENT variables or the check(-local)

Probably this would be reasonable.  Do you have an example for
TEST_ENVIRONMENT to reduce my "time to play"?

Many thanks for your hints



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