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DebConf report

Hi Debian-Med supporters,

just back from DebConf 7 in Edinburgh I'd like to do some Debian-Med related
report about the event.



       I have organised a small BOF about Debian-Med:


       where I gave some information about the current status and future
       plans.  The attendees were interested but I wonder whether they
       really show up on our mailing list.  If yes please give a short
       hands up by introducing yourself.


       There was an interesting talk of two DDs (Tim Cutts and Simon
       Kelley both in CC) who are working at Sanger:


       I noticed that these people do not really know that Debian-Med
       is also about Microbiology.  I hope that I was able to convince
       them that it would make perfectly sense to package the Free
       Software they use and write at Sanger should be included into
       Debian and making it part of the Debian-Med project.


       A developer of the BioLinux team contacted me in the hall and
       told me that Debian-Med is interesting for them and that they
       want to cooperate.  Stupid me - I forgot to ask for exchanging
       cards - but lets see whether he will find our list to start
       discussing a reasonable way for cooperation.


       It might have turned out that grids are an interesting part
       from the Debian-Med perspective.  Namely Daniel Bayer had a
       talk about grids:


       I noticed that he had some promising discussions with
       Thomas 'Mr. FAI' Lange about adopting "Fully automatical install"
       (FAI) for installing grids.
       To be honest I personally was really astonished that FAI was
       not used for Debian based grids because I would consider
       no other technique to install more than two Debian boxes.
       FAI is really a great and sophisticated tool that is even
       packaged for Debian (and BTW, it is used also at Sanger as
       I learned in the talk above).  So perhaps we should make
       FAI even part of Debian-Med and provide some specific hints
       and docs about it.

   CDD-Tools in general


       It turned out that no other CDD than Debian med is actually using
       the CDD toolkit I wrote to base all CDDs on the same technical
       infrastructure.  The toolkit was written three years ago to build
       all existing meta packages.  Unfortunately it was not adopted and
       Debian-Edu packaging evolved further away independently which
       makes cdd-dev not usable in the current state.  I agreed with
       Petter Reinholdsen (Debian-Edu) to start a new effort just inside
       the Debian-Edu CVS and try to build debian-Edu packages first
       with the (to be written) cdd-dev 0.4 that is actually building the
       Debian-Edu packages and tasksel stuff.  Once this is uploaded
       and thus accepted I'll add those things we use in Debian-Med
       (menu stuff and so on).  Perhaps we will get some help from
       people who are interested in Debian-GIS.


       It is real fun if you see that your dreams become true.  I do not
       even remember whether it was on LinuxTag in 2002 or 2003 when I
       started to try convincing people that we need a really easy way
       to build live CDs instead of the Knoppix remastering business
       that tends to created soonish outdated CDs because the remastering
       is not really fun.  Over the years of silence I just did not
       followed the discussion about this idea (that as I learned others
       had independetly).  And now finally there is everything you need:


       Kudos to Daniel Baumann and Marco Amadori.

       This will enable us to make Debian-Med live CDs for demonstrations
       easily.  Have fun with this nice tool.

So far my report from DebConf.  It would be nice if somebody would
like to move it completely or in parts to the News section of the
web pages.

Greetings from the rest of the Debian community that joined DebConf
to the Debian-Med people



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