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Re: BALLView: new package version

Michael Banck schrieb:
It just looks a bit strange to me, to force users to accept a FLOSS
license, but circumvent the acception for people building the Debian

But in the end, it's not a grave thing, and as you said, you need to
work this out with your supervisor.
I have send him a corresponding email, lets see what he will answer...

Apart from the fact that this look overly complicated, and patching
things in debian/ is really discouraged (dunno about patching
debian-upstream, you're the first to have this idea), I can only
reiterate that my opinion is that the package will be rejected
inclusion into Debian as-is with debian/rules using debian-upstream/foo.

But maybe I am wrong.
My intention with this approach is the following:
I want to enable people to quickly build the BALLView package, even if they are total debian beginners. This can e.g. ease the installation in a student computer pool. Therefore I have put the corresponding files into the CVS and the upstream source package. I would not mind, if a future debian package maintainer threw away all this stuff and create his own installation routine.

Another thing: I could offer group-maintenance and sponsored uploads of
ballview (and possibly ball later on) in the debichem SVN project, if
you are interested.
Well sounds great to me. My guess is that both packages would fit well into your project. Hopefully, we will manage to release a mostly stable
alpha/beta version in the next month. Unfortunately, I plan to finish my
PHD thesis in just the same time window and thus can not guarantee that
I will have enough time in the near future.

Best regards


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