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Re: Re: BALLView: new package version

>> You are right fancyheadings.sty shows up only in tetex-extra and apt-file
Please switch ..., it makes sense.
I did and only minor changes were necessary, so thank you for the hint.

         * You should make clear in debian/copyright which parts of the upstream
           tarball you removed (as I understand it, you repackaged it).

I just removed the build support for MacOS and Windows which wont be needed. Do I really need to mention this?

It does not harm to mention what was removed.

    I will try, but my boss wrote it himself. Therefore, I guess he wont let it
    be removed.

Sorry for the German quote in an ENglish mailing list, but my fortune
cooky of yesterday was:

  Zivilcourage nennt man das, was von einem Mann übriggeblieben ist,
  wenn sein Chef das Zimmer betreten hat!
                -- Wernher Freiherr von Braun (Physiker)
Well, Wernher Freiherr von Braun was imho just one other brilliant german opportunist, but the quote is still correct ;) But, until I have finished my PHD thesis, I am just the will-less slave of my Ph.D. supervisors ;)

So the Debian maintainer in you should ask the upstream maintainer in you:
What are you doing if there is a packaging issue that has to be fixed in
the debian directory and needs a new Debian version? Will you release a
new upstream version with unchanged program code?
Oh, I feel a bit schizophrenic right now ;)
I guess such issues can be solved, by the following approach:
A patch in downstream, that modifies the script BALL/debian-upstream/createDebianSource such that it modifies the corresponding files after copying the debian-upstream directory to debian.
Or am I missing something?

Haha, and when you follow him you will be sent to the moon ... For your discussion with your boss (is it O.K. ?)
Yes, you are right.

please make him aware that the maintainer of your ballview package should kind of in routine update to Debian unstable.
I dont understand what you are trying to tell me.

Best regards


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