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Re: BALLView: new package version

On Don, 19 Apr 2007, Andreas Tille wrote:
> You are right fancyheadings.sty shows up only in tetex-extra and apt-file
> does not find a hit in texlive.  Would you be so kind to write a bug report
> against texlive because if I understand it right it claims to be a superset
> of tetex which has exceptions obviousely.  I do not regard fancyheadings.sty
> as a great showstopper but it just happens to be used probably in other
> source packages.

>From fancyhdr README: 
fancyhdr is 99% compatible with fancyheadings. The only incompatibility is
that \headrulewidth and \footrulewidth and their \plain... versions are no
longer length parameters, but normal macros (to be changed with
\renewcommand rather than \setlength).

Please switch ..., it makes sense.

Best wishes


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