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Re: Package status in Debian-med website

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, Michael Hanke wrote:

I'm going the add a paragraph on the wiki page that mentions the
availability of translated information explicitely. I'll also express
that the debian-med website is the official location and the wiki page
can be a place to collect information that *might* end up on the website.

Sounds reasonable.

Additionally, I think it would be nice if the stub at


would contain some notes about what kind of information is available on
the Debian-med website, i.e not duplicating this information, just some
hints what is available.


While you are right about the doOcracy, I have no interest in doing it
'my way' or duplicating the work of someone else.

Well, that's reasonable.   What I wanted to express is that
I do not have the intention to claim that my opinion is law.
Debian-Med is the first project I _initiated_ (I do not really
like the word _lead_, because if there is a hard leading
hand this might suppress people who have better ideas).  So if
there is somebody who wants to try something else that diverges
from my personal opinion it is fine for me.  We just have to try
and see what works best.

But perhaps the Wiki could be used to trigger changes in the WML pages. We
could subscribe this list to recieve notifications if any of the
DebianMed.* pages gets changed. One way would be to create a DebianMed
user in the wiki and use debian-med@lists.debian.org as its mail address
-- there might be an easier way though.

Sounds promissing.

If creating the DebianMed wiki user is the way to go: Who should do it
and how do we keep the run-over-by-the-bus factor under control, i.e.
who keeps the user password?

Well, it was your idea so just go for creating the user.  For the
password issue: I guess it might be possible to ask the admin for
changing the password if necessary but you might foreward the
password to Charles, Tobias and me if you like.

Kind regards



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