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Re: Package status in Debian-med website


On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 09:26:00PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Michael Hanke wrote:
> >Thanks for pointing me to the translations, I completely ignored this.
> >You're definitely right!
> Ah well, you young fools, you. ;-))) You always want to be quick, ;-)

> Honestly, translations are in special fields like medicine
> extremely important.  If you observe multi lannguage Wikis the
> contents drifts away really strong.  Even in the only Wiki I
> really like and where I actively take part (WikiPedia) the contents of
> different languages has not even the goal to be a translation
> because it is just impossible.  So we have to be carefully and
> keep the more or less static and automatically generated contents
> in WML and enable good translations.  BTW, if the DDTP project
> continues to work again, we just get the translations for free.
I fully agree. 

I'm going the add a paragraph on the wiki page that mentions the
availability of translated information explicitely. I'll also express
that the debian-med website is the official location and the wiki page
can be a place to collect information that *might* end up on the website.

Additionally, I think it would be nice if the stub at


would contain some notes about what kind of information is available on
the Debian-med website, i.e not duplicating this information, just some
hints what is available.

Having a DebianMed page in the wiki like it is now gives a rather
distorted impression of the project.

> >I created a wiki version of the med-imaging page, so we have something
> >concrete to discuss about.
> >
> >http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMedImaging
> Looks nice and apropriate but as I said I would prefer the
> autogeneration way for the included packages.  On the other
> hand I admit it doesn't really matter what I think: We have
> a DoOcracy and the doer decides what becomes done.  If you
> just overrun me with nice Wiki pages I'm neither willing nor
> able to stop you. ;-)
While you are right about the doOcracy, I have no interest in doing it
'my way' or duplicating the work of someone else. 

But perhaps the Wiki could be used to trigger changes in the WML pages. We
could subscribe this list to recieve notifications if any of the
DebianMed.* pages gets changed. One way would be to create a DebianMed
user in the wiki and use debian-med@lists.debian.org as its mail address
-- there might be an easier way though.

Anyone capable of submitting patches for the WML sources can do so, but
others might add information to the wiki pages. Having this information
broadcasted to the list might increase the transparency of the project.

If creating the DebianMed wiki user is the way to go: Who should do it
and how do we keep the run-over-by-the-bus factor under control, i.e.
who keeps the user password?

> >I have included the list of official packages for the moment (did that
> >before I read about the translations). I also borrowed Charles' idea of
> >including popularity stats and technical reports.
> Great - I've seen this.
> >Perhaps an additional link to a list of tagged bugs makes sense.
> Definitely.
Will include that today.



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