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Re: gcc-xml package

On 1/21/06, Steve M. Robbins <steven.robbins@videotron.ca> wrote:
> Dear LI,
> I notice that you reopened the bug requesting a gcc-xml package,
> retitled it to ITP, and provided a pointer to your package on
> mentors.debian.net.
> It doesn't appear that any upload of gccxml has yet happened.  Since
> you put the package on mentors.debian.net, I presume that you are not
> yet a debian developer.  Would you like me to sponsor an upload of the
> package?
> I'm interested in having gccxml in order to build cableswig, which I
> need in order to build itk.
> See http://lists.debian.org/debian-med/2006/01/msg00027.html
> I pulled down your sources but could not build them with the
> current gcc 4 in sid.  Searching gccxml mailing list leads me to
> believe that we need to package up a CVS version of gccxml.  Brad
> King said:
>     Version 0.6 was released long before the compiler version you're
>     trying to simulate (GCC 4.0).  You'll have to use the CVS version
>     of gccxml.
>     http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/gccxml/2005-October/000681.html
> And elsewhere he said that no new release is scheduled.
> So, with your permission, I could either: (a) pull the CVS tree,
> migrate your debian patch file, and upload it; or (b) have you do the
> work and I'll sponsor an upload.


cc to Maciej Dems <maciej.dems@phys.p.lodz.pl>

I am not the maintainer of the package in mentors.

2. I choose (a), but you need the permisson of maciej.dems@phys.p.lodz.pl


LI Daobing

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