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Re: More comments on the list of medical software projects

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, Jörg Riesmeier wrote:

maybe, you're right: Summarize all medical imaging related project in one
category and retire "Control of medical devices".
I guess Tobias will do here a great job as he always does at our web pages ...

I personally used e.g. the "dicom3tools" which are great for converting old
proprietary image formats to DICOM.  David Clunie the author of this toolkit
(and current editor of the DICOM standard) still works on it and makes
work-in-progress versions available as time permits.  However, there are
obviously no "official" releases of this toolkit (any more).

Unfortunately, I cannot say anything about the Java implementations since I
never used them.  Btw, the PixelMed toolkit has also been developed by David
Clunie.  The other one I listed (dcm4che) has mainly been developed by Gunter
Zeilinger from TIANI (Vienna).  Of course, there are other toolkits ...
Thanks for providing this information which might be also moved to our web pages
in a condensed form.

With regard to the DICOM standard you should possibly also refer to the
website where the DICOM standard can be downloaded free of charge
(http://medical.nema.org/ or http://www.dclunie.com/dicom-status/status.html
which is more up-to-date) and to the DICOM newsgroup comp.protocols.dicom.
Seems to be a good idea.

Maybe, it would be worth asking readers of the newsgroup to contribute to
your Debian-Med project.  At least you could make it more "visible" in the
DICOM community :-)
This is also a good idea and I would love if a reader of this group would
take over this job.  ON the other hand we should probably wait until our
web pages are updated and perhaps did some step foreward with DCMTK to
have even more interesting stuff to present.  What d oyour think about this?

Kind regards


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