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Re: ANNOUNCE: usfda-ndc-drug-info v0.4

On 15 May 2003, Elizabeth Barham wrote:

>    I don't understand what you are requesting.
Me too.  My lack of understance is just because I can't imagine
some smart soul who refuses to run Debian. ;-))

>    Do you mean a tarball of the binary distribution? That is, just the
> database, etc? Applying the patch to the original source would *add*
> the Debian-specific information (specifically, the debian/ directory)
> which doesn't seem to be what you're requesting.
As Elizabeth says: The upstream tarball is just the stuff you need as
non-Debian user - as the name implies - the *upstream* source.  All
Debian specific stuff for the last non-Debian user (Karsten) is in the

Kind regards


PS: I'll give 0.4c a try shortly ...

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