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Re: ANNOUNCE: usfda-ndc-drug-info v0.4

Hi Karsten,

Karsten writes:

> >    http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=77925

> Any chance you can provide a tar.gz with your diff applied for those
> poor souls not running Debian ?
> Basically the 0.4-1.deb in tar.gz format without the deb-specific
> goodies such as depencancy information.
> IOW, a
> > patch *.orig.tar.gz < diff.txt > 0.4-1.tar.gz

   I don't understand what you are requesting.

   Do you mean a tarball of the binary distribution? That is, just the
database, etc? Applying the patch to the original source would *add*
the Debian-specific information (specifically, the debian/ directory)
which doesn't seem to be what you're requesting.


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