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Re: Dicom Image Viewer for Linux?

* Florian Reichert <florianr@gmx.net> [030128 20:35]:
> Hello!
> I am looking for a Image viewer for angiographic single Frame and
> scenes in Dicom Format. For Windows there is a free viewer.
> Perhaps anyone here knows how to view these Images under Linux? 
> Or someone knows a possibility to konvert these images?

Maybe this:
Roland (AFAIK subscribed here) hostes the inofficial xmedcon debs

deb http://neuro.psychologie.uni-oldenburg.de/debian unstable main

You can view angio movies with

medcon -c png -f <mydicomstuff>
animate *png

It takes some time to convert, but it works

Thanks to Roland for the debs and the hacks ;)
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