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Re: Dental practice - Odontolinux!

>>> Talk to Andrew :-)   In OIO there's things between Haven and
>>> Erth that we know not of...  (sorry for this much convoluted
>>> aggregate quote).
> I don't understand... and I did not understand the joke
> about OIO posted yesterday.
> Please explain me, I hope not to be so stupid, but
> I really can't understand.
Well, you mentioned your dream about a flexible layout/scheme
for a practice management system. I mentioned Andrew's OIO
because I knew he was going to be keen on pointing out how
well OIO would fit this dream :-)   He always is :-))  That
was the inside joke.  I quoted Shakespeare in particular
"Hamlet". I quoted from memory therefor the quote was a little
twisted -- convoluted. But also I threw together two quotes
from the play into one: 1) Hamlet says to Horatio, his mate
from his studies at Wittenberg: "There are more things between
Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy" or
something much to that effect. Later on he muses about the
shortcomings of committing suicide: "[..] to sleep. Perchance
to dream ! Ay, there's the rub ! And in that sleep to dream of
horrors that we know not of. [...]" or something along those
lines with nearly exactly those words. (As I don't have a copy
on hand I am still quoting from memory so all this is still
inaccurate albeit correct.) Whence it follows that relating the
entire mess to OIO makes it an _aggregate_ quote.

Sorry. You asked :-)

>> There are generally two ways to become compatible. Two tables (schema)
>> can be identical. Or, there can be a mechanism to translate between the
>> two.
Given the relative complexity of the two schemata it may be
worth a thought to fold one into the other entirely. However,
existing code rules until new and possibly better code emerges.

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