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Re: Using Salsa-CI as pre-upload QA for Bullseye and Buster uploads: Lintian and Piuparts

Hi Otto,

> I was wondering how common is it for DDs to use Salsa-CI while doing
> quality assurance prior to Bullseye and Buster uploads?

Since Debian LTS and ELTS changed its policy to use Salsa a few months
back, I have been using the CI features of salsa to perform extra QA
before uploads; as in, I do not upload until it is all green there
as well. I'm now doing the same with my "own" packages.

> I do however have some challenges that some of the build jobs don't
> honor the RELEASE variable. For example Lintian is run with the latest
> 2.115 version and not the Bullseye/Buster version, so it leads to
> failures that are not actual regressions.

Can you briefly clarify what this reference to RELEASE refers to? I
initially thought it was something specific to MariaDB, but your
reference to Lintian suggests otherwise. Is it the:


… variable?


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