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Re: Using Salsa-CI as pre-upload QA for Bullseye and Buster uploads: Lintian and Piuparts

Hi Otto,

On Sun, Nov 13, 2022 at 3:18 AM Otto Kekäläinen <otto@debian.org> wrote:
> I was wondering how common is it for DDs to use Salsa-CI while doing
> quality assurance prior to Bullseye and Buster uploads?

We have started using Salsa CI more proactively for LTS uploads to
catch issues prior to uploading. We're not fully there quite yet but
the goal is to do that. :)

> I do however have some challenges that some of the build jobs don't
> honor the RELEASE variable. For example Lintian is run with the latest
> 2.115 version and not the Bullseye/Buster version, so it leads to
> failures that are not actual regressions.
> Is it worthwhile to push for Salsa-CI to be compatible with stable
> release maintenance use cases too?

I think that'd actually help and make sense. I wonder how
(non-)trivial would that be, however?

- u

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