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Re: LTS update for openldap?

Hello Ryan,

Am 14.08.19 um 21:36 schrieb Ryan Tandy:
> Dear LTS team,
> I propose updating openldap in jessie to fix two no-DSA CVEs and one
> additional important bug. The same changes have been accepted for the
> next point releases of buster (#934507) and stretch (#934508).
> The issues all affect specific, mostly uncommon, slapd configurations,
> which is why they were considered not urgent enough for a DSA.
> I have built and tested the package in a jessie chroot. If you would
> like to verify the fixes yourselves, I can provide testing instructions
> and scripts for the individual issues.
> If you agree with the changes, I would appreciate if someone would
> handle the LTS paperwork for me, and sponsor the upload (if needed -- I
> am a DM).

Thank you for preparing an update for openldap in Jessie. I will take
care of all necessary paper work and upload the package for you. Can you
send some instructions to the list how I can verify the patches?


> Also, could you please add openldap to the lts-do-call-me list?




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