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LTS/subversion note


I decided to take a shot fixing CVE-2018-11782 and CVE-2019-0203 for
subversion in jessie.  You had made the following note in

  NOTE: 20190804: For (at least) CVE-2018-11782 the svn_err_trace that is in the diff has not been added yet. (lamby)

I spent some time examining the differences between subversion 1.8 (the
jessie version) and 1.9 (the stretch version) and found that while there
are some differences, the patches provided by upstream for those two
issues can be modified in a straightforward way.

In any event, what puzzled me was your mention of svn_err_trace in the
diff.  I found no such function or type in either diff.  Can you
elaborate as to how you arrived at the conclusion reflected in your



Roberto C. Sánchez

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