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Re: LTS, no-dsa reasoning and sponsored packages

On Tuesday 09 April 2019 03:09 AM, Markus Koschany wrote:
> Am 08.04.19 um 21:51 schrieb Salvatore Bonaccorso:
>> Hi LTS contributors,
>> Recently I noticed that for a no-dsa (either for no-dsa or the
>> stronger ignored) as explanation was started to be used e.g. "not used
>> by any sponsor".
>> If LTS is meant as Debian project, then I would suggest not to start
>> to use those formulations, which I think are fine for ELTS, which is a
>> dedicated project not on Debian directly. Saying something is not DSA
>> worthy or is going to be ignored, because it's not used by a LTS
>> sponsor will give a signal to others that indeed, Debian LTS is not a
>> generic Debian project.
> "Not used by any sponsor" is often used internally in commit messages as
> an additional comment, reason and clarification why a certain issue is
> marked no-dsa or ignored, mostly intended for those people who work on
> LTS. Of course we always take into consideration how useful a fix is and
> on what we should spend our time on. This should come to no surprise to
> everyone who followed LTS in the past. Debian LTS is only possible
> because of this sponsorship and of course it is part of Debian.

"Not used by any sponsor" should not be on commit messages too. I
understand that you are doing this for clarity. But paid contributors
have a file that contain packages and its priority so looking to it is
enough than mentioning those redundantly.


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