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Re: jessie-updates gone

Le mar. 26 mars 2019 à 23:33, Markus Koschany <apo@debian.org> a écrit :
> You only need the following lines in your sources.list. The -proposed
> and -updates repositories are not used in LTS. We publish all our
> updates via jessie-security.

> I agree that this change should have been better communicated on the
> list beforehand. Please be assured that neither jessie-updates nor
> jessie-proposed are needed anymore and can be safely removed.

Thanks a lot Markus for the clarification.

Le mer. 27 mars 2019 à 12:21, Bernie Elbourn <berni421@gmail.com> a écrit :
> I am very grateful for all the work done here. You are all heroes!

I clearly second Bernie on this.
Huge thanks to all of you.

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