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Re: Bug#907042: opam 1.2.0 is deprecated (jessie)

hi nicoo,

thanks to your work on opam! I'm much looking forward to opam 2! :)

On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 04:40:50PM +0100, Nicolas Braud-Santoni wrote:
> I'm a co-maintainer of opam, the OCaml-specific dependencies manager, which
> is currently broken in olstable: the version in Jessie is 1.2.0 and does
> not support the current opam repository format[0], meaning that users
> cannot install new OPAM packages, get updates, ... (see #907042)
> I would like to propose an update in Jessie to 1.2.2, the same version as
> in Stretch, and Ben suggested that I ask here to check nobody would be
> opposed to it, and to get advise on the process to follow.
sounds good to me.

> [0]: https://opam.ocaml.org/blog/deprecating-opam-1-2-0/



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