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Re: Removal of 'arm64' from debian-security repo breaks community projects

On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 10:52:51AM +0100, Lee Jones wrote:
>Good morning Debian LTS/Security Team(s),
>It has come to my attention that 'arm64' support was recently removed
>from the debian-security repo [1].  After reading your announcement
>[2] from June 1st it is clear that this is not a bug, but a deliberate
>action/decision made by your good selves.  Could I ask you to please
>reconsider your position?  This action breaks many community
>projects, seen most clearly on the Docker Hub builder [3] where the
>majority of the yellow (unstable) builds are the ones based on
>Jessie.  In these cases Docker Build's 'RUN' command will result in
>failure after an error return from `apt update`.
>If you still decide that supporting 'arm64' as LTS is not the way to
>go, is there any way you could simply not update the repo, rather than
>totally removing it?  This will ensure that the many community
>projects based on Jessie will at least keep working, even if they are
>no longer contain the latest and greatest security fixes.
>Any help would be gratefully received.

Hey Lee!

I'm guessing that the list of LTS architectures for Debian 8 (Jessie)
was just copied over from Debian 7 (Wheezy), and nobody thought to
check it or update it. arm64 didn't exist at all in Jessie, so was
simply overlooked here.

I'm hoping it shouldn't be too hard to add arm64 into the list.

However, we *really* should push people to update their software usage
more frequently than this. Jessie was released more than 3 years ago,
and even with LTS support I wouldn't recommend sticking there for
arm64. Lots of fixes and updates won't flow back that far.

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