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Re: Removal of 'arm64' from debian-security repo breaks community projects

On Thu, 16 Aug 2018, Lee Jones wrote:

> Good morning Debian LTS/Security Team(s),
> It has come to my attention that 'arm64' support was recently removed
> from the debian-security repo [1].  After reading your announcement
> [2] from June 1st it is clear that this is not a bug, but a deliberate
> action/decision made by your good selves.  Could I ask you to please
> reconsider your position?  This action breaks many community
> projects, seen most clearly on the Docker Hub builder [3] where the
> majority of the yellow (unstable) builds are the ones based on
> Jessie.  In these cases Docker Build's 'RUN' command will result in
> failure after an error return from `apt update`.
> If you still decide that supporting 'arm64' as LTS is not the way to
> go, is there any way you could simply not update the repo, rather than
> totally removing it?  This will ensure that the many community
> projects based on Jessie will at least keep working, even if they are
> no longer contain the latest and greatest security fixes.
> Any help would be gratefully received.
Please don't add anyone on Cc that doesn't want to. Please remove massimo
from your Cc list. We do have a removal request for that address now. 

Alex - Debian Listmaster

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