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Re: forward-ports to jessie

On 2018-06-24 15:02:26, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Hi Antoine and others
> Thank you for this. I modified also the cache location later in the file so
> you do not have to wget it separately.
> My question is how we should handle this?
> Should we add all "unfixed in jessie but fixed in wheezy" packages to
> dla-needed.txt? I guess so. I have started to go through these to at least
> add the important ones.

Yes, that seems reasonable, although I guess our usual triage principles
should still apply here as well.

> Should we add all "fix in point release" to dla-needed.txt? Because I
> assume we will not have any more point releases, right.


> I guess we should not fix all the "no-dsa" entries as they can be minor
> nature. But should we log these packages somewhere to be worked on when
> time permits?

That goes back to our previous discussions regarding postponed/no-dsa
packages and how the LTS team prioritizes them or finds them again at
all... Head of the thread i started is in:



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