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jessie update for mercurial


As part of the preparation work for jessie-lts, I started looking at the
issues that were fixed in wheezy but not jessie. One of those is the
mercurial package, which has been marked partly no-dsa, but also has
simply unfixed issues.

I have therefore worked on backporting the patches into jessie. It's a
bit of a mixed port: I backported the upstream patches as much as
possible and reverted to wheezy things when it wasn't working.

A peculiar thing with the patchset is that it adds the --debug flag to
the test suite: I don't know why, but it's the only way to make it pass
the (new) test-http-permissions.t tests. Otherwise it just hangs there

I wish I would have tweaked the patche headers better, but the package
takes a long time to compile here and it will need to be recompiled
anyways before an upload, because it's marked as UNRELEASED for now
because it's just a test package.

The debdiff, build and source packages are all here, signed:


Let me know how to proceed with this one. I'm still a little unsure
about how to work on jessie during the transition period and I am happy
to tweak this any way you prefer.


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