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Re: forward-ports to jessie and LTS transition coordination


Am 07.06.2018 um 20:58 schrieb Antoine Beaupré:
>  * graphicsmagick (~50+ CVEs): apo will handle this with his LTS hat on
>    if it can't be done before the transition

I have already sent an update to the security team but it is still
pending review and ACK. As you said I intend to handle it, if it can't
be done before June 17th.

> I would suggested using dla-needed.txt to coordinate work on jessie
> now. The ELTS folks are already handling wheezy now, so the entries in
> dla-needed are probably not relevant to wheezy anymore. That way we'd
> have a space to coordinate the forward-port work that's needed for now,
> even though it still means coordinating with the secteam and SRM.


I also suggested to the security team to check dla-needed.txt and
dsa-needed.txt until June 17th to avoid double work. If in doubt we
should just ask them before starting to work on something. I would also
prefer to just use dla-needed.txt for Jessie updates though even if they
have to be acknowledged by another team.



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