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Re: jessie update for mercurial

On 2018-06-07 04:45:06, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Antoine,
>> A peculiar thing with the patchset is that it adds the --debug flag to
>> the test suite: I don't know why, but it's the only way to make it pass
>> the (new) test-http-permissions.t tests. Otherwise it just hangs there
>> forever.
> Personally, it would make me very very hesitant to propose a patch
> (yet alone release it via security update) when I had not discovered
> the reason for this.
> Bear in mind that the cause may not be in the testsuite and could be
> in the actual run-time code itself — ie. the improved testsuite is
> simply exposing it, just as it should.

The problem is the testsuite is forward-ported from wheezy, which itself
is backported from i don't remember where. I do remember I had lots of
trouble doing that backport, but i don't remember the test suite

So it's not an "improved testsuite" as much as "a test suite at all". In
my experience, the Mercurial test suite is rather... brittle and
complex. It's easy to make it fall over its face on random things, as
you have found out yourself, without mercurial itself having significant

Besides: this is only one of three patches (CVE-2018-1000132) that's
causing the trouble. Other parts of the test suite work fine (provided
that you use a build env supporting hardlinks of course ;).

Anyways, at this point I'll move on to other stuff, since I'm not in a
position to upload this directly to jessie anyways. More eyes might be
able to figure out what i did wrong, if anything...

Thanks for the feedback!

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a
revolutionary act.       - Georges Orwell

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