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Re: exim4 & libgnutls26: "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."

On 2017-03-29 19:32:33, Adrian Zaugg wrote:
> Is backporting a newer version an option?

Litterally, "backporting" would mean uploading to wheezy-backports, and
there is already a backport there:


Since gnutls26 is not in jessie or any later release, I'm not sure
exactly *what* we would backport, other than newer releases, and that's
already done...

Now, maybe a backport if *exim4* could be done. There's already one for
jessie, done by Andreas Metzler, and maybe you could ask him to do
another for wheezy.

The best would be to have a clear way to know what would actually fix
the problems. Rebuild exim with gnutls28? patch gnutls26? Just backport
exim while linking to the regular gnutls26?

Now, if you mean backport specific patches into gnutls26, this is where
I think things could start gettting really hairy. If you have any
specific patches that you think could non-intrusively be included, that
can certainly be done, but they would need to be clearly targeted.


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