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Re: exim4 & libgnutls26: "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received."

On 29/03/17 19:32, Adrian Zaugg wrote:
>> I would tend towards fixing this only if it's the former, not the
>> latter. This is, after all, why we want people to upgrade...
> It is wise to upgrade in many situations and I completely agree that the
> newer versions solve many problems. There are situations though, where
> upgrading is difficult, is not yet feasible and for those situations LTS
> is great.
> Is backporting a newer version an option?

Is an option as long as you do the work or find anyone interested in
doing so :)

Given that Wheezy LTS EOL is in 2 months [1] I suggest you expend your
resources in upgrading to Jessie.


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

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