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LTS Report for October

September was my 5th month as a debian-lts contributor. I was
allocated 13 hours in addition to the 4.5 hours not used in the
previous month.

I used 7 hours in which I worked on the following:

* Was responsible for LTS frontdesk for two weeks triaging several
  security issues and following up everything needing attention. In the
  second week of my LTS frontdesk we (LTS Team) agreed to not locking
  packages for too long with the person at frontdesk having the
  responsibility of ensuring that people holding locks make progress or
  unlock their packages.
  I have not enforced this since I already observed people uploading or
  unlocking packages and also having the first week of this practice
  as a grace period seemed to be a good idea.
* Prepared [DLA 694-1] libwmf security update also updating the package
  in unstable and jessie. I performed the actual uploads in November.


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