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Re: Wheezy update of icu?


On Sun, 11 Sep 2016, Brian May wrote:
> > I have put myself a note to review the internal documentation to ensure we
> > have something about this. It would be good to have something in the wiki
> > as well.
> >
> > Anyone should feel free to do it before I find the time to do it.
> I had a go at this.


> > But really anyone working for LTS should have read
> > https://security-team.debian.org/security_tracker.html and should know
> > that we are entitled to improve the information we have.
> I created a link to the above page in the wiki, too.
> I am debating if I should copy the most commonly used commands by LTS
> from the security team documentation to our wiki or not. Such as how to
> check out the respository, for example. For now, just referencing the
> documentation is probably a good start.

We already indicate how to checkout the repository here:

I made it more visible and added an internal anchor to
link back to it.

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