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Re: PostgreSQL 9.1 EOL September 2016 vs. Wheezy EOL May 2018

Hi Ivan,

On Thu, 08 Sep 2016, Ivan Kohler wrote:
> We should make arrangements to have PostgreSQL internals expertise 
> available, in the contingency that we need to do our own backport of any 
> critical security problems during this 1.5yr period.  We might also 
> consider collaberating with other LTS distributions distributing 9.1 
> (Ubuntu, CentOS?).
> For Jessie, we will have a similar problem, but only for a few months, 
> from December 2019 until April/May 2020.

Credativ has been doing PostgreSQL LTS support in Debian since the start
of the LTS project. AFAIK they plan to continue doing this for Wheezy
and beyond.

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