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PostgreSQL 9.1 EOL September 2016 vs. Wheezy EOL May 2018

PostgreSQL 9.1 will be EOL in September 2016, but we are supporting 
Wheezy LTS through the end of May 2018.

We should make arrangements to have PostgreSQL internals expertise 
available, in the contingency that we need to do our own backport of any 
critical security problems during this 1.5yr period.  We might also 
consider collaberating with other LTS distributions distributing 9.1 
(Ubuntu, CentOS?).

For Jessie, we will have a similar problem, but only for a few months, 
from December 2019 until April/May 2020.


p.s. As a (tiny) sponsor of the Freexian work, this is a priority for us.

Thanks to everybody for your work on LTS.

Ivan Kohler
President and Head Geek, Freeside Internet Services, Inc.  http://freeside.biz/
Debian GNU/Linux developer  |  CPAN author  |  cat person  |  ski addict

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