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Redis not uploaded and timely security announcements

Hi all,

DLA-577-1 has been issued two days ago but redis hasn't been uploaded
yet. Chris could you investigate please?

I also noticed that sometimes the delay between the upload and actual
security announcement takes too long. For arch:all packages the update
is available on the mirrors within minutes after you receive the e-mail
on debian-lts-changes. The vast majority of arch:any packages won't need
24h for building.

Balint I noticed this because of your upload of cakephp and kdelibs4 and
there hasn't been a DLA for graphite2 yet. I suggest to send the
announcement after you receive the -changes e-mail and as soon as the
packages are marked as installed. Remember it's a security mirror, so
you don't need to wait for the upload to propagate to all mirrors.


Markus (with his frontdesk hat on)

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