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Re: Wheezy LTS - apt error with recent apache2 update - monit issue?

On 2016-07-22 10:57, Alastair Sherringham wrote:

I can look at editing the various scripts etc. and seeing if I can fix
them up better. I don't want things to be fragile and cause updates to
fail. Maybe I'll look to upgrade the server to stable.

The error message states that the problem is due to dependency resolution in services, where the services' init scripts are missing LSB tags.

By adding the missing LSB tags, you most likely will resolve the dependency issues.

This will solve at least the first of the two things:

1) The warning noise
2) The issue that's stopping the upgrade (I hope)

Upgrading to stable is recommended, but if you carry over legacy boot scripts, and these are missing LSB tags, I'm not sure that this will work as well as you hope.

I took the time to fix missing LSB tags around when I upgraded systems to jessie, and life just gets better by having done it.

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