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Re: Announcing Wheezy LTS via debian-security-announce

Am 20.04.2016 um 13:37 schrieb Justin B Rye:
> Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
>> Justin B Rye wrote:
>>>> As of today the standard security support for Wheezy came to an end, one
>>>> year after the release of Debian 8.0 alias "Jessie" and nearly three
>>>> years after the release of Debian 7.0 alias "Wheezy". The Debian Long
>>>> Term Support Team (LTS) will take over security support now.
>>> "As of today" with past tense seems odd; I'd use:
>> But you shouldn't send this note on the day of the end of wheezy support, but
>> rather a few days earlier. So rather say something like "On 25th of April the
>> standard security support for Wheezy comes to end end"
> In case anyone's wondering, this wouldn't make any difference to the
> tense situation - "On/As of [future date] X happens" is fine.  But
> again, styleguides frown upon ordinals in dates (oh, and I'd missed
> one in the Java EOL section).
> Thanks to Victory for pointing out the inconsistent numbering; we
> could add a bit more wordage to make it clear we're talking about
> stable releases rather than minor updates, but I'd prefer not to.
> New draft:


First of all thanks for all the feedback and the review from Justin B
Rye and victory. I like the new draft. Judging from Moritz' response
there doesn't seem to be much interest in releasing the announcement on
two different mailing lists at the same day. I'm going to assume now
that the current draft is acceptable and that we (the LTS team) should
make the announcement this Saturday (because of "rather a few days
earlier") and the Security Team will just link to our announcement later.

I also intend to contact the Publicity Team very soon and to use the
current draft as the basis for full news coverage on debian.org.



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