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Re: Announcing Wheezy LTS via debian-security-announce

Am 20.04.2016 um 19:14 schrieb Markus Koschany:
> First of all thanks for all the feedback and the review from Justin B
> Rye and victory. I like the new draft. Judging from Moritz' response
> there doesn't seem to be much interest in releasing the announcement on
> two different mailing lists at the same day. I'm going to assume now
> that the current draft is acceptable and that we (the LTS team) should
> make the announcement this Saturday (because of "rather a few days
> earlier") and the Security Team will just link to our announcement later.
> I also intend to contact the Publicity Team very soon and to use the
> current draft as the basis for full news coverage on debian.org.


since it appears there is need for further talks regarding armel and
armhf support in Wheezy LTS, I would like to postpone the announcement
until Monday, 12.00 (UTC +2). If we get a positive and definitive
response before the deadline, I will mention the fact in the
announcement of course, otherwise I will proceed as discussed.

I am optimistic that we can convince everyone of the immense benefit of
adding support for ARM to LTS releases which would undoubtedly increase
the significance of Debian further.

I also believe that we can send out a second announcement later that
would explicitly deal with added ARM support for Wheezy LTS. This would
be an extra opportunity to promote LTS.



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