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Re: Upgrading from Debian 6.0 LTS to 7

On 02/20/2016 01:17 PM, Alexis Grigoriou wrote:
or is there more that I need to do since my installation has LTS
support? One thing that comes to mind is the "squeeze-lts" entry
in /etc/apt/sources.list. Does that need to be removed prior to
upgrading or does the upgrade process take care of that itself?

On 20.02.16 20:46, Miroslav Skoric wrote:
Probably it would be enough to do the following: at first to update as much as possible with the actual "squeeze-lts" entry, following by changing all "squeeze-lts" and "squeeze" entries to "wheezy" and update/upgrade it again in some way of a 'safe upgrade' (there is some syntax on the web how to do that, and that step will upgrade only the kernel parts of the system), and finally to do full upgrade again (all the rest packages in the system).

I see currently two possible issues in replacing squeeze with wheezy:

1. does wheezy-lts exist already on mirrors? (doesn't seem so)

2. there's still ongoing security support for wheezy, but there is not for
squeeze.  If anyone removed security mirror from squeeze's sources.list,
will stop having security updates.

I know that shouldn't happen - I have asked about this some time ago and was
advised to leave sources.list as they were, including volatile and security

BUT: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Using - only mentions having only squeeze and squeeze-lts, so user updating that
config for wheezy would lose updates (including security).

It would be much better to keep all currently archives working and being

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