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wheezy-security to wheezy-lts transition

[apologies to anyone who's ended up with three copies of this; the
original got eaten due to a misconfiguration on my side - please only
reply to this copy]


As I understand it, the plan is for wheezy-lts to re-use
security.d.o:wheezy/updates directly, rather than a separate suite on
ftp-master. Is that correct?

If so then we need to consider how the transition works in the short
term. For example, the final point release of oldstable occurs after
security support ceases, so that we can fold in as many of the remaining
packages from the security archive as possible, including those that
failed to build on some architectures originally - it would be confusing
if we ended up pulling in any packages that were actually from
wheezy-lts, or even having those appear in oldstable-new.



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